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  • No matter what anyone may say money is an object in the conversation about funeral arrangements. While everyone wants the best for their loved one, you and your family still have to live beyond the days of the funeral so keep your budget in mind.

  • Many religions and cultures have traditional components regarding funeral services, if you are unsure of these when making arrangements it is important to ask your clergy or funeral director so all of your loved ones values and beliefs are respected.

  • The options you select should both reflect the taste of the deceased as well as provide comfort to your family in remembering your loved one.

  • While a death should bring a family closer together many arguments have started over the making of funeral arrangements, letting your wishes be known to your family by making a prearrangement is a great way to ensure that arguments are kept to a minimum.

  • Conversely in cases where a death has already occurred if there are multiple family members involved in decision making a single person must be designated to be the spokesperson for the family to curtail confusion with all parties involved.

  • The law is very clear regarding those who can make decisions regarding funeral arrangements and where their place is in the line of those who can legally do that. If there is someone that you'd rather not make funeral decisions on your behalf that would by law otherwise be a responsible party then a “Statement of Contrary Intent” must be signed to prevent said party from doing so. 

  1. What is Embalming?- Embalming is a scientific process which disinfects and preserves a dead body allowing for extended time to say goodbye via chemical means. Additionally embalming restores the appearance of someone who has died to a more life like healthy appearance creating a more peaceful final memory.

    Is Embalming Required By Law?- Embalming is not usually required by law except for circumstances designated by a Health Authority.

    However a funeral home can legally set a policy regarding embalming and it's requirements in relation to public viewing.

    Your family has a host of options even if you opt out of embalming.

    Can I buy a casket or vault somewhere other than the funeral home?- The answer is yes, however there are two things for you to consider.

    The first is that the purchase of casket or vault from third parties usually precludes you from package pricing which can save your money in the long run. Secondly, if something goes wrong with the merchandise you purchased from someone other than the funeral home, who will stand behind it?

  2. Many times the seller of casket and vaults not purchased at the funeral home are not local to your family making replacement difficult. 

    Additionally the funeral director has no duty to assist you in the process of replacement if merchandise is faulty.

Can the funeral home charge me additional fees for accepting a casket from a third party?

No, a funeral home cannot charge you additional fees for accepting the casket during normal business hours. However accommodations for delivery after hours or disposal of packaging material can be charged. 

What is a Cash Advance Item?

A cash advance item is where the funeral home pays for an item on your behalf such as flowers, death certificates or grave openings just to give you a few examples.

What is an Alternative Container?

An alternative container is a readily combustible container used to contain the body prior to cremation for safe handling of the crematory operator. They can be simple cardboard or can be made in a more traditional fashion with interiors and higher quality materials. Alternative containers are required by both the crematory for operator safety and hygiene as well as Maryland law regarding crematory operation. 

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